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A single document doesn't do SpaSoft's capabilities justice, but it's a start.

Don't settle for simple bookings, take advantage of group bookings, classes and so much more. After all, its the core of your operations.

Offer your guests a wellness experience to remember by designing their journey and knowing what they want before they do.

Empower your staff to access what's important to them while you let SpaSoft help you manage commissions, scheduling, and more.

Not everyone's favorite but crucial to running your business. Easily manage inventory, purchase orders, vendors, retail products, and more.

Make the check-out process a breeze with flexible payment options and the ability to effortlessly apply discounts, tips, split payments, and more.

Retain existing guests and set the foundation for growing your business with memberships, packages, and more.

Sell to the right guest, at the right time to get the most out of your resources and increase your profit margin by leveraging the right tools.

Get a clear picture of your business performance by analyzing important data like guest metrics, financial analytics, resource utilization and more.

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Everything from spa industry trends and blog articles to customer case studies and events. 


Wellness Retreats

Create the most revitalizing wellness retreat experience that will leave your guests feeling completely refreshed.
Activities & Classes

Manage single services and class bookings. From yoga and spinning to sailing and cooking, easily schedule custom classes within one appointment block.

Group Bookings

String together multiple appointments within a single group reservation and allow the system to layout availabilities based on group needs.

Multiple Booking Styles
Book single or couples services, bundle multiple treatments for the ultimate package experience, enhance services with add-ons, and more.
Packages & Series

Bundle together services to create the perfect customized experience for your guests, while making it easy for your team to book. 


Create a seamless

Class Experience

Create the perfect wellness class for your retreat guests and make the process seamless with a single guest itinerary. 
No Limit to Your

Program Creativity

Create the wellness program you know will help your guest reset their mind and body without limitations. Customize the activities included, the length of the retreat, and more. 
Wellness Retreat - Spa Yoga
Simplify Your

Group Bookings

Creating a group reservation has never been easier. Take the headache out of creating the perfect wellness experience for a small or large group with our Smart Booking module. 
Smart Booking - Group-1
  • Offer Wellness Retreat Gift Cards
  • Recommend Your Products
  • Create Special Couples Retreats
  • Know Your Guests Before they Arrive
  • Simplify the Complexity of Large Groups
  • Offer the Activities You Want
  • Easily Track Retreat Resources
  • Offer Flexible Payment Options
  • Creat Loyal Customers
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