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A single document doesn't do SpaSoft's capabilities justice, but it's a start.

Don't settle for simple bookings, take advantage of group bookings, classes and so much more. After all, its the core of your operations.

Offer your guests a wellness experience to remember by designing their journey and knowing what they want before they do.

Empower your staff to access what's important to them while you let SpaSoft help you manage commissions, scheduling, and more.

Not everyone's favorite but crucial to running your business. Easily manage inventory, purchase orders, vendors, retail products, and more.

Make the check-out process a breeze with flexible payment options and the ability to effortlessly apply discounts, tips, split payments, and more.

Retain existing guests and set the foundation for growing your business with memberships, packages, and more.

Sell to the right guest, at the right time to get the most out of your resources and increase your profit margin by leveraging the right tools.

Get a clear picture of your business performance by analyzing important data like guest metrics, financial analytics, resource utilization and more.

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Everything from spa industry trends and blog articles to customer case studies and events. 

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Win big with spa management software that celebrates players and their status at your resort.

Flexible Payment Options

Don't limit your guests to how they can pay. Whether they want to pay with cash, credit card, point redemption, or charge to their room, keep your guests happy with flexible options.

Secure Payments

Help your guests feel at ease about guaranteeing their reservation with a secure method of payment. Make it easy for them to use the same payment method at check-out or future visits.

Role-Based Permissions

Give your team members the access they need based on their responsibilities. Design custom permission groups to fit the needs of a specific role or grant individualized permissions.

Booking Deposits

Reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations by having your guests secure their reservations with a deposit. Easily track as a liability and apply the deposit to their total at check-out.


Get the Most out of

Dynamic Availability

Sell to the right guest, for the right amount at the right time. Stay on top of the game by adjusting your pricing strategy based on seasons, peak hours, weekdays, holidays and more.
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When You Must

Be Exceptional

Today's Casinos must not only provide a luxurious sleeping space and place where all their guests feel like winners but also offer a place where they can reset and feel refreshed.  
  • Offer Point Redemptions
  • Recommend Your Products
  • Create Special Couples Retreats
  • Know Your Guests Before they Arrive
  • Simplify the Complexity of Large Groups
  • Offer the Activities You Want
  • Easily Track Your Waitlist
  • Offer Flexible Payment Options
  • Creat Loyal Customers
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