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A single document doesn't do SpaSoft's capabilities justice, but it's a start.

Don't settle for simple bookings, take advantage of group bookings, classes and so much more. After all, its the core of your operations.

Offer your guests a wellness experience to remember by designing their journey and knowing what they want before they do.

Empower your staff to access what's important to them while you let SpaSoft help you manage commissions, scheduling, and more.

Not everyone's favorite but crucial to running your business. Easily manage inventory, purchase orders, vendors, retail products, and more.

Make the check-out process a breeze with flexible payment options and the ability to effortlessly apply discounts, tips, split payments, and more.

Retain existing guests and set the foundation for growing your business with memberships, packages, and more.

Sell to the right guest, at the right time to get the most out of your resources and increase your profit margin by leveraging the right tools.

Get a clear picture of your business performance by analyzing important data like guest metrics, financial analytics, resource utilization and more.

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Everything from spa industry trends and blog articles to customer case studies and events. 

Bring Your Spa & Activities to Life

Elevate your business with features that empower you to run and customize your business the way you envisioned it.

Appointment Bookings

Don't settle for simple bookings, take advantage of group bookings, classes and so much more. After all, its the core of your operations.
Booking Experience

Display appointments in list or calendar view, find what you need with multiple filter options, and use colors and icons to glance at important details.

Online Booking

Have an around the clock reservations team and empower your guests to book outside of operational hours and open your booking window 24/7 from anywhere, anytime.

Group Bookings

String together multiple appointments within a single group reservation and allow the system to layout availabilities based on group needs.

Multiple Booking Styles

Book single or couples services, bundle multiple treatments for the ultimate package experience, enhance services with add-ons, and appeal to local guests with recurring or prepaid activity series

Activities & Classes

Manage single services and resource qualifications, accommodating unique staff skills and availability. From yoga and spinning to sailing and cooking, easily schedule custom classes within one appointment block.

Smart Booking

Let the system guide your booking process multiple appointments within a single reservation. Offer a consistent guest experience by displaying availability metrics, booking history or guest preferences, suggested activities & more.


Guest Experience

Offer your guests a wellness experience to remember by designing their journey from the beginning to the end. Leverage SpaSoft to know and understand your guests’ needs and preferences to blow their minds when they arrive for their appointment.
Guest & Group Profiles

Get to know your guests and groups from a holistic viewpoint within one centralized location. Quickly access everything from contact information to notes, preferences, purchase history and more.

Preferences & Requests

Elevate your guest experience by capturing your guests likes and dislikes, preferred therapists, favorite services and more. Impress your guests by knowing their needs before they even walk through the door.

Guest Communication

Eliminate no shows and last minute cancellations with automatic confirmations and reminders via email or text messages. Give the best first impression with custom branding & messaging.

Waitlist & Tracking

Being at 100% capacity doesn't have to be stressful. Easily accommodate for overflow guests by tracking them on a waitlist and better understand how to expand your business to prevent lost revenue.

Staff Experience

Take care of your team so they can do what they do best. 
Staff Experience

Empower your staff to access what's important to them. Allow them to easily check their schedules, guest and booking details, commissions, gratuities, and more from any mobile device.


Playing musical chairs with your staff schedules is no fun, but SpaSoft makes sure to keep the music playing. Easily manage staff requests, time-off, flexible breaks and build a custom rotational schedule to keep your availability open.

Facilities & Equipment

Every service is unique and might require distinct rooms or special instruments. Effortlessly control and organize the quantity and availability of some of your most valuable resources.

Commissions & Gratuities

Set yourself and your team up for success with individualized and flexible compensation plans that fit the needs of your staff. Automate calculations of commissions and gratuities to make your payroll reporting a breeze.

Products & Inventory

Sell and use products from the best of the best. Increase your average ticket revenue with product recommendations and promotions. Track your back bar product usage and know when its time to restock.
Physical Counts

Minimize discrepancies with your on hand inventory by tracking recurring physical counts. Take the opportunity to scan or manually count your inventory to keep your stock and system on the same page.

Product Labels

Make the check out process a piece of cake by scanning products directly into the point of sale. Whether you want to print new labels from our system or use the original SKUs on the products, we've got you covered.

Purchase Orders

Know what your inventory is worth today by using purchase orders to track and report on quantity and cost. Set up your cost price calculation the way you want, either FIFO or average weighted.

Vendor Management

It doesn't have to be complicated, keep all your vendor partners in one centralized location and distribute their products to multiple revenue centers without skipping a beat.


Make the check-out process a breeze with SpaSoft’s complete Point-of-Sale module. With flexible payment options and the ability to effortlessly apply discounts, tips and more, your team can stay focused on boosting revenue.
Secure Payments & Guarantees

Help your guests feel at ease about guaranteeing their reservation with a secure method of payment. Make it easy for them and your staff to use the same payment method at check-out or future visits.

Resort & Room Charges

Streamline the guest experience by offering the ability to charge their spa services to their room. Quickly lookup a guest by name, room number, or reservation number to simplify the check-out process.

Booking Deposits

Reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations by having your guests secure their reservation with a deposit. Easily track as a liability and apply the deposit to their total amount due upon check-out.

Flexible Payment Options

Don't limit your guests to how they can pay. Whether they want to pay with cash, credit card, gift card, charge to their room, looking to split the bill or a combination of these, keep your guests happy with flexible options.

Manage Transactions

Effortlessly sell, manage and modify items within the POS. Apply discounts, automate services charges, accurately distribute tips and assign products and services to specific team members to receive commissions.

End of Day Reporting

Finish your day knowing you have set yourself up for success. Don't leave revenue on the table by making sure all guests have been accounted for and all transactions have been settled.


Guest Retention

Once you’ve won a new spa guest, the battle isn’t over. You need to secure that guest for life. If your operation doesn’t exceed their expectations, they are prepared to seek that spa experience from a competitor.
Memberships New

Make your guests feel welcomed and appreciated with custom membership programs. Determine the duration, special discounts, member perks, flexible billing options, track member activity, freeze member accounts and more.

Packages & Series

Bundle together services to create the perfect customized experience for your guests, while making it easy for your team to book. Locals will also love your series offerings as their balance is tracked right within SpaSoft.

Loyalty Programs

Get creative with your loyalty program to keep guests coming back. Create your customized program by using point values attached to services or product sales and encourage your guests to redeem and accrue points.

Gift Cards & Certificates

Nothing is better than getting a gift to treat yourself. Offer gift cards and gift certificates to help your guests make someone's day and increase the number of guests walking through your door and potential revenue.

Guest Communication

Communication is key when wanting to get your guests back in your spa. Leverage multiple marketing reports to target a specific audience by guest type, occupation, birthday, last time visited and more.

Product Recommendations

Know what products have been recommended by your team experts by tracking them within their guest profile. Quickly access these recommendations right from the POS and boost overall retail product sales.


Revenue Management

Whether you call them enhancements, add-ins or add-ons – offering service upgrades is a terrific way to differentiate your spa and the client experience. You might even be leaving money on the table without these tools.
Yield Pricing

Sell to the right guest, for the right amount at the right time. Stay on top of the game by adjusting your pricing strategy based on seasons, peak hours, weekdays, holidays and more.

Analyses & Forecasting

Know what to expect and be prepared for the future. Analyze projected revenue and occupancy, number of upcoming appointments or drill down on specific data to make better business decisions.

Dynamic Availability

Get the most out of your resources during specific times. Promote higher-margin services during peak hours to increase your overall profit margin.

Online Booking

Make your online booking the best advocate for your services. Encourage guests to self serve and enhance their treatments with add ons, reservation notes, and secure payment options.

Multiple Revenue Centers

Do you have a resort pool, fitness center, kids club, water sports or other outdoor activities? The more revenue streams the better, separate your revenue centers and simplify the booking process for your guests and staff.


Do you manage multiple spa locations? We've got you covered. Keep all of your properties under the same umbrella and share guest profiles and offer cross-location booking to offer an enhanced guest experience.


Analyses & Reporting

Data and numbers are useless unless you are collecting the right information and can paint a picture to make better decisions. Understand your guests' behavior, break down product performance, analyze resource utilization and more.

Paint a clear picture of your business performance with SpaSoft's intuitive dashboards. Display projected revenue, future appointments, incoming guest information, product sales and top activities booked.

Financial Analytics

You let SpaSoft know what you want to know. Report on where your revenue comes from by analyzing your business by payment method, number of products sold, different service categories, top services booked and more.

Guest Metrics

Get a better understanding of your guests through data. Analyze where your guests are coming from, know who your top spenders are, view guest purchasing trends and more.

Payroll & Commissions

Clear visibility into your staff commissions, service charges and gratuities through a detail or summarized view. Breakdown the data you need by staff member or activities to execute your payroll procedures.

Resource Utilization

Recognize how to best optimize the resources in your business. From knowing how much a therapist is booked vs available, the usage of each treatment room to forecasting occupancy to make sure you are fully staffed.

Extensive Audit Logs

Track all activity in your system and know exactly what your team is doing. No need to be a detective when you have clear insights into the historical activity of who, when and what was modified.


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