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A single document doesn't do SpaSoft's capabilities justice, but it's a start.

Don't settle for simple bookings, take advantage of group bookings, classes and so much more. After all, its the core of your operations.

Offer your guests a wellness experience to remember by designing their journey and knowing what they want before they do.

Empower your staff to access what's important to them while you let SpaSoft help you manage commissions, scheduling, and more.

Not everyone's favorite but crucial to running your business. Easily manage inventory, purchase orders, vendors, retail products, and more.

Make the check-out process a breeze with flexible payment options and the ability to effortlessly apply discounts, tips, split payments, and more.

Retain existing guests and set the foundation for growing your business with memberships, packages, and more.

Sell to the right guest, at the right time to get the most out of your resources and increase your profit margin by leveraging the right tools.

Get a clear picture of your business performance by analyzing important data like guest metrics, financial analytics, resource utilization and more.

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Everything from spa industry trends and blog articles to customer case studies and events. 

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We Are #teamSpaSoft

More than what we can do for you as a technology partner, SpaSoft is dedicated to helping you run your business with the flexibility and freedom you deserve.



About SpaSoft

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SpaSoft is the pioneer of spa and activity management systems and is the longest-standing solution with over 20+ years of experience. Paving the way for spa professionals all over the world, our mission is to empower each individual in the spa and wellness industry with the tools they need to create an unforgettable guest experience. 

Evolving with the ever-changing needs of the spa & wellness industry, we are committed to creating solutions that empower our users, inspire creativity and produce results.

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Our goal is to inspire spa professionals all over the world to be the best they can be and use our tools and technology as the catalyst to achieve their goals. 



We want to empower our users to be bold, creative, and innovative with our tools while taking full control of their businesses.



We are committed to offering top-level support 24/7/365 no matter where your operations are located. 

Meet the Team

Erica Mullery SpaSoft President
SpaSoft Team Photos_Len Traballo
Len Traballo Development Manager
SpaSoft Team Photos_Diana Hernandez
Diana Hernandez Senior Operations Manager
SpaSoft Team Photos_Vadim Kucher
Vadim Kucher Product Manager
SpaSoft Team Photos_Holly Anstey
Holly Anstey Project Manager
Jasmine Hurst - Headshot
Jasmine Hurst Corporate Sales Manager
SpaSoft Team Photos_Sherry Cuti
Sherry Cuti Regional Sales Manager
SpaSoft Team Photos_Jessica Ball
Jessica Ball Customer Success Manager
SpaSoft Team Photos_Alex Kim
Alex Kim Sr Integrations Manager
SpaSoft Team Photos_Abdullah Zafar
Abdullah Zafar Integrations Specialist
SpaSoft Team Photos_Miller Chin
Miller Chin Senior SpaSoft Trainer
SpaSoft Team Photos_Vaishali D
Vaishali Dadhwal SpaSoft Trainer
SpaSoft Team Photos_Tanmai Handoo
Tan Hando SpaSoft Trainer
SpaSoft Team Photos_Shoaib Khan
Shoaib Khan Support Specialist
SpaSoft Team Photos_Jecenia Munoz
Jecenia Munoz Support Specialist
SpaSoft Team Photos_Chrarlyn Paradero
Charlyn Paradero Support Specialist
SpaSoft Team Photos_Arsh Jassar
Arsh Jassar Support Specialist
SpaSoft Team Photos_Shweta Sharma
Shweta Sharma Support Specialist
SpaSoft Team Photos_Priyanka C
Priyanka Chandreasekaran Support Specialist
SpaSoft Team Photos_Sara Soumele
Sara Soumele Support Specialist
SpaSoft Team Photos_Female Avatar 1
Brenda Martinez Support Specialist
SpaSoft Team Photos_Male Avatar 2
Valery Korenfeld Lead Developer
Susan Fee Developer
SpaSoft Team Photos_Nazanin Naghibi
Nazanin Naghibi Developer
SpaSoft Team Photos_Male Avatar 1
Eugene Reznik Senior QA Analyst

Life at SpaSoft

SpaSoft Group Photos-02
Las Vegas, NV ISPA Conference 2023
Las Vegas, NVISPA Conference 2023

Showcasing the next generation of SpaSoft and elevated branding at the ISPA Conference in Mandalay Bay. 

SpaSoft Group Photos-01
Toronto, Canada Team Bonding
Toronto, CanadaTeam Bonding

The SpaSoft team takes on a fun baseball game for team bonding.

Kagali Spa Team
Kigali, Rawanda Customer Training
Kigali, RawandaCustomer Training

Jasmine Hurst in Kigali during her senior training days after hands-on training with the entire spa crew.

SpaSoft Group Photos-03
Phoenix, AZ Jonas Hospitality Annual Kick Off
Phoenix, AZJonas Hospitality Annual Kick Off

The SpaSoft team joined our sister companies'  for a our annual kick-off summit.

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SpaSoft Group Photos-04
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Square_Sales Summit
Website Gallary Images-07-1

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