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A single document doesn't do SpaSoft's capabilities justice, but it's a start.

Don't settle for simple bookings, take advantage of group bookings, classes and so much more. After all, its the core of your operations.

Offer your guests a wellness experience to remember by designing their journey and knowing what they want before they do.

Empower your staff to access what's important to them while you let SpaSoft help you manage commissions, scheduling, and more.

Not everyone's favorite but crucial to running your business. Easily manage inventory, purchase orders, vendors, retail products, and more.

Make the check-out process a breeze with flexible payment options and the ability to effortlessly apply discounts, tips, split payments, and more.

Retain existing guests and set the foundation for growing your business with memberships, packages, and more.

Sell to the right guest, at the right time to get the most out of your resources and increase your profit margin by leveraging the right tools.

Get a clear picture of your business performance by analyzing important data like guest metrics, financial analytics, resource utilization and more.

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Rancho Valencia Case Study

Spa Business Efficiencies

Case Study

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- San Diego, California
- Luxury Resort & Spa Facilities
- Partner Since 2018

Spa Solution transition to SpaSoft to boost operational efficiencies within one fully integrated solution


Kristie Dickinson
Director of Spa & Wellness at Rancho Valencia

The Challenge

Prior to making the decision to go with SpaSoft, Rancho Valencia was operating on another Spa Management System, which they leveraged to handle their day-to-day spa business. While it was adequate and worked for them at the time, it lacked the overall functionality necessary to take their spa to the next level. “When I first arrived four years ago, I knew we needed SpaSoft,” stated Kristi Dickinson, Director of Spa & Wellness at Rancho Valencia.

“In my experience with our previous system, it just never compared to what SpaSoft had to offer. SpaSoft truly allows us to run our entire spa operation from a single solution and is one of the most robust systems on the market, which I really can’t say for any of the other software I’ve used in the past.” By making the decision to implement SpaSoft, Rancho Valencia was able to address their challenges quickly and start benefiting from a complete, modern, and secure spa management solution.

Prior to SpaSoft it used to take us about 48 hours to complete our inventory -

which now only takes us 6 hours!

Benefits of SpaSoft

Since implementing SpaSoft, Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa has seen huge improvements across all areas of their spa operation thanks to the robust capabilities and functionality within the software. One of the biggest areas that have been positively impacted by SpaSoft is their inventory processing. Rancho Valencia performs inventory quite frequently, and the time savings they have been able to achieve is simply remarkable. As Kristi stated, “Prior to SpaSoft it used to take us about 48 hours to complete our inventory, which now only takes us 6 hours, and we are still finding ways to reduce this time as well. SpaSoft is just so much more efficient and has been a real time saver for us.” With an 87.5% time savings when it comes to inventory processing, Rancho Valencia is now able to focus more of their time on improving operations and enhancing the overall guest experience. Another benefit has been the SpaSoft Dashboard, which provides Rancho Valencia with a real-time view of spa performance at any given time. “With these dashboards, we are able to view all pertinent key performance indicators within a single comprehensive view,” stated Kristi Dickinson. “It truly allows us to be more agile, as we are now able run reports in real-time and can address any trends or concerns instantaneously, helping us make better, more informed decisions in the process.” The overall ease-of-use of SpaSoft has also been beneficial, as performing tasks such as group bookings or setting up promotional pricing can be achieved with a few clicks. With an intuitive user experience, staff are able to operate the software with ease, which has helped to enhance employee satisfaction as well.

Rancho Valencia Post

"With an 87.5% time savings when it comes to inventory processing, Rancho Valencia is now able to focus more of their time on improving operations and enhancing the overall guest experience."

Kristi DickinsonDirector of Spa & Wellness
Working with the SpaSoft Team


From day one Rancho Valencia knew they were in good hands with the SpaSoft team, as the implementation process went as smooth as it possibly could. While dealing with third-party interfaces is never easy, the SpaSoft team was up to the challenge. “During the implementation process, our training consultant truly did a great job at managing both our staff and processes, as well as dealing with external interfaces to ensure the process went smoothly,” stated Kristi. 
“She really took the time to understand our business, as well as the challenges we were facing, and truly stepped up to ensure the software was implemented in a timely manner.” Now that they are up and running on SpaSoft, the level of support has continued to exceed expectations and has gone above and beyond to ensure Rancho Valencia is operating as efficiently as possible.